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Heritages and Museums

The Museu Açoreano (Azorean Museum) created by Dr. Carlos Machado in 1876, opened its doors on June 10th, 1888, located at the Liceu Nacional de Ponta Delgada. Throughout the years, the Museum’s collections were enriched by new donations and acquisitions, growing larger in number but also on diversity. To the founding collection – Natural History – there were later additions such as African ethnography (1893), Art (1912) and, in the 1930’s, Regional ethnography, much due to the prolific cultural activities of that time, focused on studying the islands’ own identity traits. Address: Rua do Dr.Guilherme Poças 65, 9500-100 Ponta Delgada, Portugal Website

The Santa Barbara Nucleus of the Carlos Machado Museum resulted from the adaptation of an old collection that has survived to the present day, three existing in the city of Ponta Delgada. The Santa Barbara Retreat dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. XVII, and was built by Roque Teixeira Fonseca and his wife Maria Esteves, who also erected the hermitage under the invocation of Santa Barbara. Address: R. dos Manaias, 9500-104 Ponta Delgada, Portugal, Phone: +351 296 202 930 Website